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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Birding at Twenty below Zero

The downy woodpecker is back at my feeders after a year and a half absence.  

They are such pretty, colorful birds.

I grabbed my ever-ready camera and aimed the big 500mm lens at it.

Cute little guy.   I can tell by the red on the back of its head.   The female lacks the bright color.

By the way, I took this shot through my front window.   I'm not going outside at twenty below!  That's right.   Birding at twenty below is best done from the warmth of your living room.


  1. Fun to see the woodpecker .. more fun to know you could take these photos from inside your warm home. Makes me wish this guy had a little down parka. Surely it MUST be cold for him too. Nice that you have food in the feeder outside your window for him to enjoy! Smiles, hugs. Patti and Cap

    1. Makes one wonder how the creatures out in the wild survive this cold. While in Russian Siberia I shot some photos in the minus 20F or colder temps (with wind chill it was even colder) and it was the coldest I've ever experienced because I had to expose one hand to the cold to manipulate my camera. Cap

  2. Super photograph! When I saw the title I expected details on dressing for sub-zero conditions. Happy to discover otherwise!