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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The 2021 Africa Journals, Ch. 16: In Which We Find the Predators of Samburu


Chapter 16:

In Which We Find the Predators of Samburu


A lion's work hours are only when he's hungry; once he's satisfied, 

the predator and prey live peacefully together.

--Chuck Jones


We're bump, bump, bumping along early one morning when both Shelly and Laura spot a lion off  on a side road.  The guide backs up and there he is, calmly licking his paws.


 One lion leads to another, and there's his brother finishing off the kill they'd made.  



Then the brothers are out in the sunshine and headed toward the river.



Down to the river for a drink after a heavy meal.



And then, surprise, surprise, they're IN the river.   Amazing. 





They have reached the deep channel on the far side and are hoping there aren't any crocodiles hiding underwater.








Look at him check on his brother. 



And safe on the far shore.


No lion for you today, Crocodile.


One evening, after much searching, a leopard was spotted and we rushed to see it.   She was very illusive until twilight.

And then there was the cheetah with her young cubs hidden deep in shrubs.

And there you have the three main predators of  Samburu National Reserve--the three big cats.

Some bonus photos:


When you pitch your tent on an elephant trail, expect some visitors.


Next:   May there be Rhinos!


  1. Man O Manischevitz Gullible, life out in the wild is brutal. Do you know IF the lions attack and eat the other big cats? Maybe yes IF they are hungry huh? We sure will miss your Africa Posts when you wrap them up. How do you know the two lions are brothers. Nice bonus photos. Cap and Patti

  2. Lions will kill both leopard and cheetahs, but especially their cubs. Just recently I saw African guides' photos of leopards killed by lions.

    As to whether or not the two above are brothers, it is the most likely explanation. Male lions are kicked out of the pride just as they reach adulthood and will form coalitions with siblings and other lions. We saw a coalition of six males in Botswana and there is a famous five-male coalition in South Africa. The famous lion Scarface was part of four males, all siblings, I think, called the Four Musketeers.

    Male cheetahs form coalitions, also. Until last year there was a coalition of five males, not all siblings, called the Tana Bora. One was ousted for some cheetah reason. Now there are four.

    Leopards, however, are mostly solitary.

    1. Thanks Gullible for your reply. Very VERY interesting! Fascinating in fact. Cap and Patti ..

  3. Beautiful photos. My kind of blog, lots of pictures and not a lot of reading. Straight and to the point.