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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm trying ever so hard...

...to keep from becoming as cynical as the symptoms seem to warrant. I really had hoped this new administration would change the business-as-usual in D.C.

So first they pass a trillion dollar spending bill of which only six per cent is supposed to go to infrastructure projects that will create jobs in construction. And, apparently not one congressman has read the entire bill. Plus, it was all rush, rush, rush. The Dems even flew a man back to D.C. from his mother's funeral, for Pete's sakes, because they had to get it passed so quickly and they needed his Democrat vote.

After all the arm-twisting and dire warnings of catastrophe, the President decides to delay the signing of this bill until four days later, so he can make a big deal out of it in Denver.

Why the rush???? Could it be a scheduled trip that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and seven of her cohorts in Congress had planned for this week? A trip that takes them to Italy for a week?

The country gives the Wall Street fat cats heck for their company shindigs, the Big Three auto execs a public dressing down for each flying in their own corporate jet to D.C. to beg for handouts, and now the President and some Dems in the Congress are jet-setting around the country. True, Speaker Pelosi and all are flying in military planes, but there's something mighty wrong with picture. Does anyone back there live in the same world as the rest of us, those who are cutting back, doing without, and trying to make ends meet in an economy gone berserk?

Oh, by the way, I hear that while Lehman Bros was allowed to go belly up, the gov stepped right in and rescued AIG, apparently because it was simply too big to be allowed to fail. Could it be that AIG insures the retirement accounts of the Congress?

Please, will someone tell me how NOT to become cynical?

And I apologize for the political post. I promise not to do it again..........until the next time.

PS: I'd like to go to Italy. Why didn't they invite me along? As far as I'm concerned, the only government official who should be traveling right now is Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. Okay, and Ambassador Holbrook.

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  1. If they really wanted to stimulate the economy they would have doled out that trillion to the 40% of the taxpayers that's not on the government's payroll one way of the other. I figured that would be about $15,000 a piece. Houses bought or paid off, cars purchases, credit cards paid off, debt reduced. Banks would be helped, automakers helped and everyone of us helped. Jeeze, is that too simple? Can't they see past their pork barrel in Washington? Datgum it, ya done went and got me on my soapbox.

    Then there's socialized medicine, The Fairness Doctrine, etc, etc, etc that is on the horizon. I hope we can make it through these next four years. Maybe we can make some changes in the house in two years.