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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking News!!!!!

This wonderful news just in from "The Heart and Craft of Life Writing,"
regarding the suspension of those pesky grammar rules for writers:

The need for complete sentences. Thought fragments are fine. Just get those words on paper.

Comma regulations. "Commas have always been the most baffling and misused piece of punctuation. Authors should use them whenever they feel appropriate and let it go at that."

Dialogue formatting. Don't worry about those pesky quotation marks, or where the commas and question marks go. Just write what you want to say and let the reader puzzle it out.

Dangling participles. "You've probably remember this phrase from school days and have no idea what it means.

Now prepositions are fine to end sentences with.

More about this exciting news can be found on the website http://www.aprilfool.com.

This is such good news for all writers. Rejoice!

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  1. I just discovered Sharon Lippincott's terrific site. Have you visited the Life Writer's group at Yahoo? I joined recently. Sharon is the co-host of that group. They have some terrific discussions there.