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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Signs of the Time

Late afternoon sunshine at Tern Lake. The fall colors are starting to show.

Another view of Tern Lake.

Fireweed turning color. They end up dark maroon.

What a south-facing glacier looks like at the end of summer. The dense blue ise at the bottom is devoid of snow and the rock the glacier has crushed is showing.

More fall colors.

A willow getting all dressed up for the fall extravaganza.

And a small cottonwood.

This fireweed has almost"topped out."

A single fireweed in showy garb.

This mountain peak isn't gray. New snow makes it looks that way. (Sob.)

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  1. Wow, Gully! I'm taken in by the photos of Tern Lake. Do you have a new camera? Or maybe it's the late afternoon sunshine that illuminates and adds clarity to the dramatic scene.