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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Journey to the Cove

Tuesday morning I left Moose Pass and drove 130 miles south to the end of the road in Homer.  I'm heading to Halibut Cove to house-sit for a month for friends.

Actually, I'm really there to open the door for Gerri the Cat.

Homer and the Homer Spit is at the bottom of this hill.  My destination is across Kachemak Bay from Homer.

I am quite surprised the water is so calm.  Yesterday's gale force winds should have stirred up the seas.

Cook Inlet.

I'm sitting behind Jay in the Storm Bird's pilot house as we approach the entrance to Halibut Cove.  On shore is Clem Tillion's new lighthouse, a long time dream coming true. 

Imagine renting this for a week or two.
My destination is at far left.   That's the boathouse.  Stillpoint Lodge is the brown building on top the hill.  I'll be staying in the owner's home, which is not visible in this photo.

Looks like a fine place to spend a month, doesn't it?


  1. Yes, it does. I'll be arriving sometime this weekend. I'm not sure of the exact time so just leave the light on and I'll let myself in.

  2. Happy Time in Halibut Cove Jeanne. I'm looking forward to some awesome stories, hope I see them on FB. I'm a bit turned off by the changes on FB and find I am not as interested in searching for my favorite friends writings.

    Enjoy, Irene

  3. I luv luv luv the misty mountains in the back left of last pic!