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Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Writing Prompt from Ann Linquist

Prompt:  The road sign said the end of the journey was just ahead.  Was I ready to get there?

What can I say?  The road sign said the end of the journey was near.  Heck, there have been road signs since last summer.  Was I ready for it to end, for this relationship to reach its end?

I did everything I could on my part.  Maintaining a relationship with Bob while living in different towns was beyond difficult, especially with his work schedule.  I never saw him at all during the summers, and only a few times during our long winters.  We talked on the phone occasionally, usually when he was coming my way and would plan to stop in for a bit.

The times when he was here were fleeting, but intense.  Very intense.  Most of the time, as he was preparing to leave again, he asked for money, and I, I am reluctant to admit, never quibbled but pulled out the check book and gave him whatever amount he requested.

The last time he was here, just a few days ago, he brought another man with him, probably to help with what he had decided to do.   Sure enough, as they were leaving Bob said, “You shouldn’t have to call me again.” 

There is was—the end of a friendship.  Was I ready for it to end?  Yes.

In fact, I’d been preparing for the end myself.  I already had a 100 watt light bulb keeping the lift station floats from freezing.  I thought that would end it.  But when Bob, the Roto Rooter man, and Travis threaded a thaw cable down the septic line and plugged it in, we both sincerely hoped that would solve my winter septic line freezing problems.

Never in my life has a relationship ended with such happiness and hope for the future.


  1. loved the twist....hope your problem is forever gone. ;)

  2. Brilliant! And fun, and funny!

  3. nuthin like drawing inspiration from real life! hahaha