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Monday, March 26, 2012

By the Light of the Moon

I was trying to photograph the waxing crescent moon and its current neighbors Venus and Jupiter last night, and was having trouble getting the moon to show as a crescent.  This is what I mean;

That's a crescent moon, just a lower sliver of it, but it looks like a fuzzy white blob.  Above it is Venus and directly beneath is Jupiter.  I played with various settings on the camera, to no avail.  I thought the problem was that it was still too light and decided to wait until later.

Here's later:

That helped a bit, but not enough.  A few dozen attempts later, I gave up trying to get a silhouette of the landscape in the photo, and zoomed in.

Better, but still not what I was looking for.  I zoomed in as far as my 36 power zoom would go, and got this:

Cool picture but I would have liked to have Venus and Jupiter in there also.  By this time, they were spreading farther apart.

Ah, well.  What a display.

I'm told that with a backyard telescope you can see Jupiter's moons.

For a colorful article about this celestial conjunction, which occurs roughly every quarter century, see this story in the Washington Post:


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  1. Wonderful pictures Jeanne!

    I have enjoyed a tad of your Resurrection Pass Journals before it was taken from me. Currently Pat O'Leary is reading it, he promises to give it back next week.
    Thanks, Irene