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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long Time Gone

For a couple weeks I'd been planning a trip to Anchorage to run errands, my list growing exponentially with every passing day. 

One recent day, I woke and realized I needed to go to town that day, a two hundred mile round trip.  Hop, skip, and a jump.

It took four trips to the car before I felt I had everything I needed.  Then I drove off without my list.

It took three trips into Costco to get everything right, and even then I missed a couple things because I didn't have my list.  The day continued like that until finally I felt like I should have stayed in bed and forgotten all about this day.

The weather had been spectacular all day, after days of rain.  In the early evening, I noticed just a piece of a rainbow over the Hillside as the sun caught a localized shower over the Chugach Mountains.

Eventually, I left Anchorage as the sun was starting to set.

It's 35 miles from Anchorage along Turnagain Arm to the town of Girdwood, just a bit more than one-third of my way home.  It took my an hour to travel that far because I kept stopping to take photos.

Eventually, I reached home and looked at my forgotten list.  I now have a new list started for my next trip to Anchorage.


  1. bee yuuu tiful! My "Alaska Pix" folder/screensaver is getting longer and longer!