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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rolling Along into Winter

Unbelievably, considering the hurricane force winds that have been ripping through here, our autumn colors remain.

My favorite birch tree in autumn.  She grows all alone in a spruce forest and thus her colors stand out against the dark green.

A tree, a rock, a picket fence and colorful bushes.  What a cool scene.

Golden birches and  willows,accompanied by blueberry bushes turned red in my side yard.

The view from my kitchen window on a rainy day.

The quaking aspens guarding my driveway.

Weather forecast:  hurricane force winds during storms three and four this month.  Flood warnings.  An "atmospheric river," they're calling it, funneling high winds and heavy rain right into Alaska.

We'll see how long the leaves remain on the trees.

And you, my little friend, where will you be spending the winter?   In my woodshed?

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