"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking for His Love in All the Right Places, but One

Ah, Romeo.  Juliet isn't here.   You missed her, maybe flew right past her on your journey north.

Romeo waiting for Juliet  this week.

 She's in a sanctuary for injured swans in Washington state.   I hear she rules the pond where she is free to leave whenever she is capable of flying. 

The arrow loosed by some lunkhead pierced her wing and lodged in her breast and did damage to her wing muscles.  They don't know if she'll fly again.

Remember the day you last saw her, the day Tern Lake was freezing?   You waited and waited and circled and circled, even left the fleet and came back.  But she couldn't join you.

Juliet in the moonlight in a near-frozen lake.

We helped her  that cold autumn a few years ago.  She was in the last open water on the lake and it froze solid that night.   The next morning she was caught and taken to the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward.  (Boy, can she run fast!)  They found her a temporary home at the sanctuary.

Romeo this week.

 We watch for you every spring and autumn, and you always come back.  Keep doing so, Romeo,   Maybe someday she'll be here waiting for you.


  1. I wish Romeo could read this!!! Your empathy for wildlife is a thing to behold.

  2. I got angry a while back when you first mentioned this arrow business, Gully, but now I'm just sad. No, I'm angry and sad.

    1. They never found out who did it. On the bright side, it didn't kill her. How could anyone do that to such a beautiful bird?

  3. I worried last year, how this was gonna end... Im glad she is in a safe place, but it is too bad they cant trap him and let them live out their lives together