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Friday, May 10, 2013

Out and About and Signs of Spring

Some things I've seen lately.

Turnagain Arm
Male Northern Pintail
Mountain Goats, photo taken from my living room.

Female and male Northern Pintail.
Yellowleg Sandpipers

Male and female Barrows Goldeneye

Male Barrows Goldeneye

Mew gull, I think.

I think this is a mew gull.

This is what happens when you take too long to focus and frame.

Male Barrows Goldeneye

Male Barrows Goldeneye

Kenai Lake last month.   Those little dots right in the center are ice fishermen.
Yup.   Sure sign of spring.


  1. I love your final sure sign of spring! You made me smile outloud.

  2. Yip, I agree with Shaddy, As always, your photographs are wonderful.

  3. Your photographs are magnificent.

  4. the trouble with having itchy feet is that so many places are home, yet none are. Im homesick for the very place I couldn't wait to leave. Living in the two exact opposites-literally and figuratively, I cant make up my mind. Or, is it my feet? I love the pics of the Arm the most, so many drives and never the same view twice.