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Friday, December 6, 2013

Soupçon and Olios

I stayed in Anchorage overnight Nov. 21, after my first cataract surgery because the surgeon wanted to check my eye the next day.

The temperatures had been cold--around zero, but a storm was moving in from the west and the temperatures were rising quickly, much faster than objects--such as my truck--could keep up with the warming.  I was oblivious to what was going on outside the condo where I stayed, so when the rain started falling and hit those still-very-cold objects, ice formed on them.

The doctor's office was only a 15 minute drive from the condo, and I decided to leave at the appropriate time, after a restless night's sleep, or lack thereof.

My truck looked like a burgundy ice sculpture.  I had to pry open the door.  I hadn't gotten around to putting an ice scraper in the truck because I house it in a nice warm garage,  so I had to scrape the windshield ice with a credit card.   When the heater finally began putting out some heat and assisting ice removal, I rolled the driver's side window down halfway.

The glass had warmed enough to separate from the ice, but the ice remained.   I rolled down the window a bit farther.

Finally, I broke out the ice and went on my careful way, in four wheel drive with studded tires.

A couple days later, caught up on sleep, one thing was on my mind:   soup.    And so it began...

Now, the title of this post,Soupçon, is meant to be a clever play on words, but because it means a "smidgeon" or "hint of" certainly doesn't describe what happened in Gullible's kitchen over the next few days.

Lentil and Corned Beef soup

Chicken Noodle

Lima Bean and Ham

Split Pea with Ham

Not shown is the Chicken Veggie soup because either I didn't take pictures or I can't find them, take your pick.

Also not shown are Minestrone and  Chicken Tortilla soup, because I still have plenty in my freezer.  I should be set for the winter, regardless of the weather.

 Why?   Because this is the size of the pot I used to make these soups!    Have I mentioned I used to own a restaurant?


Snow, cold, ice, and soup.   A perfect olio.   Anybody want some Lentil Soup?

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  1. I saw a few of 'them' in your above photos .. I speak of the mushrooms or 'shrooms' .. we had the joy of eating some of your soup .. I did tell Patti .. "You have to know that Gullible is a professional cook after all!" .. and a professional in my opinion at putting up wonderful posts here on your web site! .. Cheerio .. Cap and Patti ..