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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The End of the Driveway

Gullible sat in her truck at the end of her long gravel driveway.   She knew what was going to happen in the next few minutes, not because she was psychic or even psycho, but because there had been those phone calls.   The last call, just a couple minutes before, spurred her into action.  She grabbed the necessary equipment, got into her truck, and waited at the highway.

When she deemed the time was right, she got out, grabbed a pole from the back seat, and stood in front of the truck where she unfurled the American flag from its pole.  She waited, wondering if she had time to go back home.  If she did, she might miss the whole thing.

Then she saw a vehicle with a large front window coming over the rise a quarter mile away.   Now it WAS too late, now it would go down however it would go down.  She waved the flag at the large coach that was slowly approaching.

Then, the unexpected happened.   The coach stopped and around its rear came a face she recognized but had never seen before except on the internet.

“Gully?” said the lady.

“Shaddy?” said Gully.

And then they hugged.

And so Gully and Shaddy finally met face to face after years of being online friends, years since they first met in Beginning Writer's Workshop on  9/20/06.   Shaddy reboarded the coach to continue her journey to Denali National Park.  

And Gully kicked herself all day for forgetting to take the camera she’d left on the counter so she wouldn’t forget it, and then didn’t have time to go back and get it.

Oh, well, Shaddy and her hubby took lots of photos.

PS:   True story.   It happened Sunday, June 8, 2014



  1. What a wonderful thing to happen after so many years. I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow blogger in June when Marisa and I took our road trip. Kate Miller from High Altitude Gardening lives near Salt Lake City and we spent a couple of hours with her. Very nice lady...and she has the greenest thumb I've ever seen...besides you. Of course my only other blogger friend is you but I'm fortunate enough to have met you face to face many times over the last 34 years. Love `n hugs.

  2. I'm SOOOOO glad you came up with the idea of waving the flag as our motorcoach passed the end of your driveway. It all went exactly as we planned. I explained to the bus driver that we'd been friends since '09 and were planning to wave to each other as the bus passed by. As we neared your driveway, I asked the bus driver if I could come to the front of the bus and stand in the big front window so we could see each other clearly as the bus drove by. She told me to come right up by her. The next thing I knew, she was pulling off the highway!!!!

    As you can tell by the smile on my face, I was tickled pink to see you face to face, Gully.

  3. how cool is THAT!?

  4. Very happy for you both! I've had the experience of meeting three of my on line writing friends since I started with Ann's BWW in 2009. Such a treat to finally connect with the real deal - and Gully and Shaddy are the real deals!

  5. OK, I'm officially jealous......So glad you guys got to finally meet, maybe one day we can have a BWW reunion tour or share a bottle on Gully's deck.

    1. Looking forward to that reunion. Ann suggested one.

  6. Wow, as in, DOUBLE WOW. You got to meet Shaddy face to face, and finally we get to see, not just read from, her via photo of the two of you! Bless the tour bus driver...very touching and tender. Makes me happy all over to see you and Shaddy so happy!! Hugs. Patti

  7. How special .. how VERY special is all-of-this! And how SPECIAL of the bus driver to actually pull-over and stop and let you two meet face-to-face. There really are some wonderful people in this world aren't there? People who have .. within their grasp .. the power to do such tender actions are indeed truly blessed! Patti and I are so happy about this meeting of the two-of-you.. Cap and Patti ..