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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Loons and Swallows on the Fourth of July

And closer to home, the swallows:

And I'll close with a sunset from a couple days ago:


  1. thought u would be in Seward encouraging your young friend's marathon effort.
    Tern Lake looks a lot better (or is that loony) and certainly quieter. Happy 4th. B & B

    1. The crowds in Seward are too much for me, so I watched it on TV. He came in 12th.

  2. The loon family is stunning in the detail on their feathers and the red eye, ever alert! It would seem like the swallow was "performing" for you! Great pictures, and the sunset makes me feel all peaceful inside... Hugs from Patti and Cap

  3. The two loons looked like a 'mating-pair'. IF they were indeed a pair .. I am surprised at how much .. at least in your photo of them .. alike they appear to be in coloring. So many forms of wildlife have sharply differing appearance from male to female. The male often is brightly colored and the female blends-into-the-colors-of-nature. Oh yes .. swans and canada geese and others look similar in coloring but the mallard ducks are what I am thinking of. The amazing process of re-creation. The one swallow looked like it was going to dive-bomb you. Smiles from the two-of-us'ns ..