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Monday, July 28, 2014

Maybe They Should Have Stayed at the Office...

You know the old saying "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work"?

Depends, doesn't it?   You could have a nice load of halibut and rock fish, but if your boat is sinking, well, maybe you should have stayed at work.

I'll let the photos tell the story.

This is Lowell point, immediately east of the seaside town of Seward.   The water is Resurrection Bay.

The beach, part of Kenai Fjords National Park.

A Boston Whaler in trouble during an attempt at loading it.   The shipyard across the bay is much farther away than it appears to be in this photo.

A boat trailer is backed into the water to load the whaler.

Waves wash over the stern, making the loading process impossible.

That's as far as they can get it onto the trailer.  Greg from our group goes over to assist.   He grew up around boats on the Kenai Peninsula.   He's the one facing this way in the group of men.

Bailing to lighten the load.

Lifting the bow off the trailer to refloat the boat doesn't work.

Some ballast on the bow to keep the stern out of the water.   The bow should be on the trailer as far as the guy on the left.

That works, so let's try loading it again.

Ah ha! 

Paul and Hailey in the successfully-loaded boat.

Nice cottage right on the beach, and a front row seat to any tsunami coming up the bay.

Well, a day on the beach watching boats in trouble is better than a day at the office any time.


  1. Oh what a riot, and to be there to see all of this while everyone is safe.