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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, A Parrot in the Tub

For reasons that completely escape me, Pablo Parrot feels compelled to take a bath whenever I run the vacuum cleaner.

Left to his own devices, he dips the top of his head in his water cup, then lets the water run down over himself.   Not only does he get wet, but so does everything around him.

That's a real parrot in there but I can't tell what's  what.   

AH, there he is.   I thought about how soaked his cage lining would be.   How splattered everything in the vicinity would be....

 So, I put him in the kitchen sink with nice gentle warm water spraying on him.....   

That hole in his head?   That's his ear.


  1. Hello Pablo ... how nice to see you. Hope you are not disturbed by being seen bathing. You ARE such a handsome fellow! Gentle nice thoughts ... Patti

  2. Run the vacuum and here comes Pablo the Parrot for a bath. Go figure huh? Amazing actually. Much Joy Fun Post .. You ought to google .. Parrots and vacuum cleaners ..