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Friday, April 1, 2016

Rules of Thumb

There are two rules of thumb regarding seasons in Alaska:

One, when the fireweed has topped out (bloomed all the way to the top of the stalk), winter is six weeks away, and,

Two, when the birch trees are fully leafed out, it's safe to plant outdoors.   That usually coincides with the last of May.

So, imagine my disbelief when I looked outside yesterday at the rapidly-disappearing patches of snow and saw something so rare, I'd never before seen it in March.

BIRCH BUDS!    And a couple were starting to open.   A first for me.

And the temperature yesterday on the shady side of my house?    A whopping 66 degrees.

While I rejoiced in the warm sunshine and started putting away things winter, a nasty thought intruded.   If it's this warm, it's warm enought to wash the outside windows.

Whew, thank goodness today is overcast and spitting rain.


  1. The windows can wait. Read a book.

    We had snow off and on yesterday. I hope the buds on your birch will thrive.

    Tuesday I'll be voting. I'm trying hard to make an informed decision. I'll be voting for the candidate I mentioned to you in an email a while ago.

    I appreciate you,

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  3. Do we have the phenomenon of Global Warming here? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. But it sure looks like at least a small taste of it here. Whew. Cap and Patti ..