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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In the Works...

I returned last week from a six-day trip across Cook Inlet to what has become one of my favorite spots--Silver Salmon Creek.

That is where I took hundreds of bear photos last year and enjoyed it so much, I went back again this year.

The morning after I came home, I was transferring my photo memory cards to an external hard drive and, by not looking up at my computer screen to see which drive weas open, managed to delete about two-thirds of the photos.  I was heartsick.

Then commenced four and a half days of attempts to recover the deleted photos, a process during which I learned much about memory cards and recovery programs.   A recovery program recovered the photos, but they remained tantalizingly close in a desktop icon, but I was unable to get them saved to either my computer or the external hard drive.

FINALLY!   A few glitches repaired in the program and there they were, now safely on the external hard drive and in my computer's photo library.

Now to start writing the 2nd Fur and Feathers Journals!


  1. We don't know the process of transferring photos from your memory card to the hard drive but even with this lack of knowledge both of us know the feeling it is to lose anything on a computer LET ALONE AN ENORMOUS number of photos. Recovery technique is Mongolian to us but happily you got your photos back and into your hard drive. As in your words HEARTSICK. Evidently when you are downloading them into your hard drive you are also deleting them from the memory card. Too much to fathom. Looking forward to the upcoming Posts. From the lower 48 we sign off .. Cap and Patti

    1. I was transferring photos directly to the external hard drive from the SD card. The photos were NOT being saved on the computer, nor were they deleted from the SD card. Once that was accomplished, I decided to rename the photo folders on the external drive, which I did. Then, not looking at which drive was open in the window, I deleted the old folder. Since the SD card was the drive open, it deleted two-thirds of the photos on the SD card. And I'd already deleted them on the external hard drive. Poof! Gone in an instant.

  2. As wonderful as technology is, one wrong move can be nightmarish. I know that heartsick feeling.

  3. As wonderful as technology is, one wrong move can be nightmarish. I know that heartsick feeling.