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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Travels with Pablo: The Question of His Immigration Status

Many, many years ago (1972), in a land far, far south of Alaska, a family traveling that country in their pickup/camper purchased a little green parrot from a street vendor.  When their vacationing was over, they turned their truck north and eventually arrived at the U.S. border.

After the usual questions to the driver, the border agent opened the door to the camper.   Whether or not he saw the parrot is known only to that agent.   Certainly he saw the three beautiful young girls—a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde— looking at him with doe eyes and perhaps that is where his gaze stopped.   The truck continued north to Alaska with the three girls and their baby parrot, which they named Pablo.

This photo of Pablo was taken a couple years ago.   I don't have any baby pixs of him.

The import from Mexico and countries south of there of many species of parrots, including the Mexican Double Yellow Headed Green Amazon, has been banned for many years, though Pablo seems to pre-date those conservation efforts.

As for his immigration status, well, that quandary is behind us now.  In fact, I firmly believe the question became moot when President Ronald Regan granted him citizenship status through amnesty in 1986.   (Well, along with 3.2 other illegal aliens.)


  1. This post appears twice ... fitting for the presence Pablo commanded! If all immigrants were as entertaining as Pablo, I might be tempted to say "Open the Borders"! Smiles. Patti

  2. 1972! That answers that. Pablo has been with you and your family since 1972. No wonder it seems to me like Pablo HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH YOU. Smiles .. Cap

    1. Pablo has been with ME only since 1986. He was with others before.