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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Day in the Life

There's a story in this photo:

1. I am not shoveling the waist deep snow that I am supposed to be shoveling, but standing in a narrow path that I shoveled to take this photo that shows how deep the snow was.

2. The photo was taken with a point and shoot camera that was propped on the handle of the snow shovel that I was supposed to be using.

3. Yes, I was chilly. I was not dressed for warmth, but for not getting too warm while shoveling, which I was not doing.

4. Notice the knee of my snow pants. A large tear is repaired with duct tape, the first choice of discerning Alaskans everywhere.

5. When I actually got around to shoveling, the only part of me that was cold was my right hand. That was because I kept taking it out of a glove to take photos.

6. The deck eventually got cleared. By that time, the first half of the Steelers/Patriots game was over.

These are the things that kept distracting me from shoveling:

Oh, look at the pretty mountains.

It's 15 degrees!   How can this tiny icicle be dripping?

The tiny icicle is center right.

Looking down on the back deck below and the way the snow curls off the top rail.

More snow art.

Oh, you have to take a photo of that mountain.

And those, too.

More snow art.


From below.

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