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Friday, August 18, 2017

Princess Jeanne and the Book of Adventures

My granddaughter Carol said Disney needs to make (me) a Princess after I posted this video on Facebook:

"Oh, God, no," I replied.   "Anything but a princess."

Her reply and drawing:

Princess Jeanne lives in the woods of Alaska, communing with the animals and hunting them with her camera. Follow along as she travels the world and adventures into the unknown, armed only with her intelligence, humor and a sense of mischief.

Image may contain: drawing 

The drawing (note I'm packing a pistol) shows various places I've been and things I've done.    Yes, I've had a dog team, safari'ed in Africa, been to China to see the terra cotta warriors and other things, been to Antarctic, and been really, really close to bears.    Not to the pyramids yet, but I was close and it remains on the list.   The bag at my feet represented the thousands of bags I've filled with roadside litter over many years.

The bird on the hand is the Steller's jay, like the one in the video.   The jays are gorgeous birds, but the poor thing in the video is a molting juvenile and looks pretty ragged.

I guess being a princess in this world is okay.


  1. That drawing really fits you. I hope you get to see the pyramids and all the other things on your bucket list. I hope to see that drawing hanging on the wall next time I visit.

  2. Princess Jeanne ... Princess of not just one realm, but several. I think your granddaughter really nailed this one!! Smiles and hugs. Patti and Cap

  3. PRICELESS .. Absolutely .. Positively .. PRICELESS. And .. AMAZING. I mean this is a real work-of-art. Yes, this must be framed and hung on the wall someplace. Smiling for the both of us. Cap and Patti.

  4. Such a fitting representation of you. She nailed it for sure. You are amazing.