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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Rolling through November

I tried to cover my firewood-to-be pile with a 16x20 foot tarp today.   It's a bit small.

Looking toward the back of the stack.

The rest of the stck.
And from the front towards the back.

That is what has been occupying my days and using all my energy lately.   The electric company sent a contractor in to clear all trees and overhanging branches from its easements.   The cut down a number of trees along my property and in front of my neighbors, who kindly said I could have their felled trees.

In the mean time, bald eagles have gathered down the road at Tern Lake where silver salmon are spawning and dying. 

In all the years I have been around Tern Lake, I always looked to this branch that sticks out over from the trees at left, hoping to see an eagle perched on it.   I've seen many mew gulls, magpies, and ravens there, but never until Monday did I see the eagle!

And the moon rise a couple nights ago.


  1. I well know from years past, and with winter moving in, how important a huge stockpile of wood can be. Plus, when it is free for the picking, that is too good to pass up. No wonder you have been wood-pickin' and not so much blogspot producing! How nice that the eagle finally posed for you on that particular branch. Also, nice moonrise picture .. Smiles, Patti and Cap

    1. How very special that, after-all-these-years, you finally 'captured' in photographs the Eagle / Eagles plural. That IS a BINGO. What a major-bonanza to get to utilize the fallen trees for firewood. Firewood is one back-breaking chore. We assume you have a hydraulic wood splitter. We can't fathom otherwise. So nice to see another post. Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti