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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It's a WIN, WIN, WIN for Alaska on Election Day

 In this year of voter angst and post-election concern, Alaska has done something to put a happy smile on our faces.

Our previous "I Have Voted" stickers were very nice.   They evoked our state flag, a solid blue field with the Big Dipper in gold, which are the state colors as well as the colors of the Forget-Me-Not, the state flower.

Rather than wear it on election day and then toss it, I stuck it on my wallet so I could see it frequently.   It also helped me find the all black thing.

Pretty worn out.

So, today, I was anxious to vote.    It's a beautiful clear day and the hoar frost made up for the temperatures around zero and as I drove into Moose Pass.

I pulled up to the community hall, our traditional voting place.



Inside, I showed my ID to the ladies supervising our voting.   Hey, we were all masked up and I thought the ID was necessary, even in a small town.

Look!!   Two booths and a table, if you prefer.   See how busy it was?   Love small towns.

But the best was yet to come.    The new voter stickers features the wonderful artwork of Alaskan artists Barbara Lavallee and featured Native women in different cultural situations.

The new sticker on my wallet!!!

And, yes, I had a big smile on my face when I left the polling place.

At least, I did until I couldn't find my car key.    It wasn't in my pocket, in the truck, on the ground, or on the floor of the polling place.

One of the election ladies found it for me.   I had missed my pocket and the key slipped down between  the seat and the center console.   Then the smile came back.

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  1. Fun post. Really great the information on the Barbara Lavallee designed voting stickers. We got the one you have shown as the fourth and the final one in the post. Smiles and Joy, Cap and Patti