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Monday, July 14, 2008

and now for the latest news......

First the big news,
Then the book reviews:


I am going to have two stories and one piece of doggerel published in “Alaska Women Speak,” the summer edition. Wow. I submitted these three pieces and they are going to publish all three!

“Alaska Women Speak” is a quarterly, published since 1992, and is devoted to “the exchange of ideas, literature, art and heart talk, as well as a statewide update of women’s political and social ideas and activities.” It is available in Alaska at Barnes and Noble, Borders and independent bookstores around Alaska. I think I saw it on Amazon, too.

I’m preening my feathers……. Finally, a publishing credit. Okay, another publishing credit. Then, I hear that I've received an honorable mention in a ByLine magazine writing contest--the second month in a row. Am I tootin' my own horn? You're darn tootin' I am. Been a long time between toots, too. I should buy a lottery ticket, recommends a friend.


The new Robert Crais novel, “Chasing Darkness,” has a great plot and these words: “The air, jittery with heat…….”

And, the new Janet Evanovich, “Fearless Fourteen,” has lots of laugh-out-louds. (Can’t remember right now who told me about reading Evanovich during a red-eye flight and laughing and giggling so much she ticked off her husband and everyone around her….)

If you aren’t already a fan of hers, just read the cover jacket blurb and you will be:

“THE COMPLICATIONS: Murder, kidnapping, destruction of personal property, and acid reflux.”


“THE CONCLUSION: Only the fearless should read ‘Fourteen.’ Thrills, chills, and incontinence may result.”


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  1. Do you know when "Alaska Women Speak" will be out?