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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Kids on the Block

Watching the mountain goats browse their way across the face of the mountain is like counting sheep.  So relaxing as the goats are almost stately in their progress.

Until late May.  That's when the kids are born.  After that, those little white ling pong balls are in a constant state of bounce.

The kid is following its mom at the top.

Mom and kid are at the left.  These guys are way up on the mountain (hence the bluriness from too much telephoto), out of reach of roaming bears.  The bears are down here messing with us humans right now, walking through our yards, overturning stuff, on Erin's porch.  Every once in a while we hear a gunshot from someone trying to run off a bear.

The photo below was taken at midnight two days ago.

Had to adjust the light settings to get a decent shot of the half moon.

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