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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Know what this is?

It's a 1942 Ford.  It's as old as I am, given that new vehicles are released the year before their stated date of manufacture.

(Not to worry.  I took these photos during this past winter. )

 It's retired.  So am I.

If memory serves correctly, my husband converted this fire truck from 6 volt to 12 volt, and kept it running for many years.

Water for fire fighting was a problem.  The solution was bladders hauled in the back of pickup trucks.

Now, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire and Rescue has a newer truck and a rescue truck.  The building in the background is the former highway maintenance shop, now in the hands of the fire and rescue volunteers and being converted into the new fire hall.

At present, the department is housed in a small area of the community hall.  The local volunteer library shares a small room there also.

Current plans for this old fire truck that served this area valiantly for many, many years, are that it will be given a place of honor and displayed on the grounds of the new fire hall.

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