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Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Kids on the Block

My dog Spike was merrily chowing down on tender dandelion shoots this evening at Jerome Lake.

Unfortunately, he was right on the shoulder of the highway.

He bristled at my suggestion that he move farther away from the traffic before he became road pizza.

I was about ten feet from him and he didn't see me until I spoke.  I guess we're too big for them to see.

Meanwhile, down at Tern Lake, the grebe was busy with its nightly ablutions.

Finally, a break in this rainy week.

Not a great photo but after a week of rain, I'll take a picture of anything that doesn't look like a rain cloud.


  1. I hope Spike took heed and backed away from the road.

  2. Did you know that porcupine babies are called .. porcupets? Nice huh? Cap and Patti