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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Very Eagle Day (A Test)

This is a test.   For me.  The top two photos are the same, except that the first one was processed and cropped through Picasa and its resolution reduced.   The second photo is straight from the camera, shot at maximum resolution.

Ditto with the second two photos.

Can you see any difference in the two pairs?   Please comment and let me know.


  1. Most noticeable to me is that the processed/cropped photos are much darker and do not give the detail that can be seen in the original photos. Almost like using Kodachrome for the first and Ektachrome for the second. (Boy, does that date me!!) g

  2. photos 2 and 4 are sharper.

  3. But Miss Scarlett!! I doan know nuthin bout takin no pitchures!! (Paul Simon singing merrily in my head...probably for the rest of the day!) All I see is that 1 and 3 have more contrast. Not that I can see much more detail tho

  4. Agree w/ Rilly. Photos 2 and 4 are sharper.

  5. I am solidly with (Oh Really) Rilly and 'The Seminole Lady' down South .. photos 2 and 4 to me are sharper ..