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Sunday, July 5, 2015

All in a Day's Work

Early July and the nuthatches are busy stocking up for winter.   At the feeder outside my window, one nuthatch found the most expedient method to stash away those black oil sunflower seeds.

A mere foot from the supply itself, he pokes the seeds into the log that holds feeder.  

Occasionally, I see this nuthatch running head-first down the side of the log, but haven't been quick enough to get a photo.

Assisting him are the tiny pine siskins who, when they aren't fighting with and running off other pine siskins, sit in the slot that holds the seeds.   If a seed isn't easily opened by their tiny beaks, they pitch it overboard where the nuthatch runs around gathering them.

Also gathering the seeds is this newly-fledged black-capped chickadee.   It;s a whole new world out there for this little guy.

This slate-colored junco goes right to the source, loads up, and flies off.   All business.

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  1. Nice to be in on this bird-watching experience ... all the birds are so different ... all have the same goal in mind! Great photography!!! Hugs. Patti and Cap