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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Half-Baked Alaska, No. 2

Back in the days of the big pipeline construction (mid-1970s), there was a bumper sticker that read:  "We don't care HOW they do it Outside."   In Alaska, we do it our way.

We also don't have rest area waysides like the Interstates Outside.   No long access to a large parking area; no long exit back onto the Interstates.   Ours are more direct.  There's a warning sign and a short access.  Period.   To get back on the highway, you use the same access.

Which means you can always spot a tourist:

I took this photo in Silvertip where a bike path is adjacent to the highway for several miles.  The motorhome backed out of a parking spot close to where I'm standing, then drove onto the bike path before climbing a small embankment onto the highway.

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  1. Now IF you were in Hong Kong .. The local people here in Hong Kong would mutter .. mutter mutter mutter .. THAT IS A MAINLANDER .. in other words .. someone from Mainland China .. to be looked down upon by self-righteous HongKongers .. It is amazing the little tid bits you learn about a place when you are living there .. Much Joy .. Cap and Patti ..