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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Absent But With Leave

Yes, I've been absent, however, Absent But With Leave.   I have been dealing with multiple computer issues since a hard drive crash.

Fortunately, I use Carbonite to back up my photos and documents and everything else.   It's off-site, so if my house burns down or an earthquake swallows it, I won't have lost all.

There are literally tens of thousands of photos to download, so that process has been going on since Tuesday, around the clock.   I even bit the bullet and increased my DSL download speed to 4 megabytes.

Wednesday, I had to do something on the computer and Windows Explorer froze again.   This was after nine hours online with Geek Squad Tuesday trying to whip the laptop into behaving.   That;'s all it took to put me over the edge.

I changed clothes, got in the truck, and drove to Anchorage, where a bought a new laptop.   That started another project--getting the programs I wanted, learning Windows 10 (an on-going process), and (worst of all) trying to get used to a smaller keyboard.    Multiple typos, as my self-taught typing skills are lacking.

I am working on a new post of the Mongolia trip and it should appear soon. 

Now to correct all the typos in this message.....


  1. And I thought I had a bad week!

  2. What brand of laptop did you choose for your replacemen. What is Carbonite back-up and is it costly? Rhetorical question since I do not use my own computer doing whatever it is that I do. No matter the cost it would be well-worth-it I think. Cap and Patti ..