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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Made It Through Another Winter

The end of March and the weather sure acts like it's spring.

Warm, sunny, and what little snow we had is fast disappearing.  Time to do those springtime chores.


  1. I wouldn't pack those red undies too far away. We are still having winter down here. Chris has 29" of snow on the ground at her place. We have had snow the last three days.

  2. As the weather changes, I keep switching back and forth between down jacket, medium jacket, wind shirt, when I go outdoors. Sometimes I have chosen the correct one! Patti

  3. So far here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia each and every morning dawns with temps in the below 32F range. I was just out and it is 39F with a wind blowing and it cut right through me. It IS sunny and bright and 'looks warm' but outside it is not up to what it looks like. Then again it was over 50F the other afternoon .. So .. Who Knows .. The Shadow? YES I am still wearing long-handles from the waist down. Smiles..