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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Some recent visitors...

Squirrel friend.

A red-breasted nuthatch.

Boreal chickadee

Black-capped chickadee

This nuthatch is putting some extra effort into prying loose the seed it wants.

This male spruce grouse gave me time for one shot before it exploded and flew into the forest.

Another nuthatch.

Male pine grosbeak

This male common redpoll showed up just before dark today.

Some of the members of the Breakfast Club that meets daily on my front deck.

A boreal chickadee selecting a peanut.


  1. So, here I am, never having even SEEN a Boreal Chickadee, and YOU have them eating out of your hand! Not me, I'm not jealous at all ...

    I simply love your wonderful collection of birds! Somehow, your Alaskan Bald Eagle looks more majestic than our Florida residents. Maybe it's just more "fluffy" due to that white stuff we don't have.

    Christmas here was wonderful, despite no white stuff, and we leave tomorrow for a road trip to Texas and New Mexico.

    We hope your New Year is filled with Peace and Joy! ... and birds.

  2. You obviously had quite a lot of company for the Christmas Holidays, breakfasts, lunches, possibly dinners! I had a black-capped chickadee outside my window the other morning, several of them actually, and was going to ask you what they were. Your picture answered my question. Smiles and hugs. Patti and Cap