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Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Littlest Snowflake, Chapter Two

At first, the Littlest Snowflake was afraid of the big, noisy truck that snatched up many of his new friends.

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But then he heard all the snowflakes in the street giggling and laughing as the truck scooped them up and swirled them around and around in the big shiny plow blade.

Hundreds and hundreds of snowflakes laughed until their sides hurt as they came tumbling out the large end of the snowplow blade.  When they rolled out onto the sidewalk, they all stuck together in big, round balls, as snowflakes will do. 

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One of the round balls rolled past the Littlest Snowflake, and he jumped aboard, hanging on tightly as the ball rolled several feet before coming to a stop. 

After the big truck left, the snowflakes began to settle down to sleep for the day. 

Suddenly, a loud bang woke them up!

 Five children rushed from the door of a nearby house.  Immediately, the children gathered up buckets and shovels and even an old wheelbarrow, and began to gather up the snowflakes.  

Image result for children with snow shovels clip art
Image result for children with snow shovels clip art

They loaded bucket after bucket with snow, carried the buckets to the front of the yard, and dumped the snowflakes in a pile that grew higher and higher.

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All day long the children worked piling up the snow.  Finally, the light began to fade and the tired, hungry children went inside their house for the night.

The Littlest Snowflake watched all this activity from the far corner of the yard.  He hoped the children would come and get the ball of snow he was riding on, and add it to the big pile on the other side of the yard.  That looked like fun, he thought, and he began to imagine all that he could see from on top of that mound of snow.

To be continued


  1. You are doing a good job, Jeanne. I gather this is one of your childhood adventures. It sounds like what most kids did before television and computer games took their toll.

  2. Okay ... looking forward to Chapter 3, hoping The Littlest Snowflake gets to be part of what the children are building! Smiles, Patti and Cap