"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Incredible Adventures of Dipper continued

“Hey, Dipper, have you ever been to Antarctic?”


“Me?   No, no.   No way, no how.   Never.   And not because of the cold, either.”


“Well, why not?”
“Because of all those big-toothed critters down there.   You know, like fur seals, and leopard seals, and Patagonian toothfish.”

Fur seal

Leopard seal.   Photographer unknown.

Patagonian toothfish

“Elephant seals too?” 

Young elephant seal

“I’m not sure elephant seals still have mouths after they grow up.   It’s hard to tell.   But, my great-great-ad-infinitum-granddaddy was there once.”

Adult elephant seal.   Hard to tell if it has a mouth.

“He was?   What was he doing?”

“Well, according to family lore, GGGGranddaddy was on South Georgia Island, just looking around.   After a while, he got tired of the stench of the whaling factories and the toothy critters.   So, he stowed away on the first ship leaving the island that wasn’t a whaler.

Ruins of the Norwegian whaling station Stromness on South Georgia Island.

“After a few days, he jumped ship for the nearest iceberg that floated by.   Said he couldn’t get any sleep on the ship because the sled dogs kenneled on the upper deck were always barking and howling.

Take notice of the small vessel at left bottom of the berg.

“Anyway, some time went by before he saw the ship again, so he flew over to see what was going on.   The ship was caught fast in the ice and was slowly being crushed.   The dogs and the crew and a big pile of supplies were on the ice.

Frank Hurley photograph of the dying Endurance.

“GGGGranddaddy noticed one man who kept going back to the ship and diving into the frigid water.   But, he always came back empty-handed.   GGGGranddaddy  asked the man what he was looking for, and then GGGGranddaddy went into the water and found them.   He guided the man to the spot and watched as the man hauled out 150 glass negative plates.”


“Dipper!    Are you  talking about  the Shackleton expedition?   The Endurance?   The greatest survival story of all time?”

“Yeah, that’s what they called it.”

“And your GGGGranddaddy helped Frank Hurley save his negative plates?”

“That’s what I’ve been told.”

Chinstrap penguin.

“That’s really something dipper.  By the way, that Patagonian toothfish you mentioned?   Some genius renamed it and created a booming market for it.   It’s served  in all the best restaurants”

“You mean people actually eat that ugly thing?”

Patagonian toothfish.

“Yes.   But now it’s called Chilean sea bass!”


  1. You never, never, ever cease to amaze us Gullible ... the Dipper tells a story about the Antarctic. Cannot help smiling! Hugs, from Patti and Cap in Korea for one more day, then Siberia.

  2. Honest to the Good Lord above I said to Patti : "Did you know that Gullible's great great ad infinitum grand daddy ( But, my great-great-ad-infinitum-granddaddy was there once.” ) had been to Antarctica?"

    Patti howled and said : "No No No. It was the Dipper's great great ad infinitum grandfather who was there."

    A fun Post.

    Smiling in Incheon South Korea with Patti.

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