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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

do you see what I see? Answer

Does anyone see something a bit strange about these two Christmas cards? Nice pictures, to be sure, but something doesn't look right. Look closely....

See the airplane in the winter scene below? It's on wheels. Where does a small craft land on wheels in the snow? See the airplane in the scene below. It's Christmas alright, but not in a place where it snows or the lake freezes. So, what's an airplane doing rigged with skis, which are for winter landings in deep snow?
Can you tell me what it is?
So I don't get myself in trouble here, in case these are copyrighted cards, they are available at holidaycardcenter.org/asf. The artist for the top one is Elaine Maier, and for the second, Darrell Bush. They came to me from AOPA, which stands for Aircraft Owners and Pilots association, of which my husband was a member. A percentage of the profits from the sale of these cards went towards safety and education programs, and we bought from them for many years.
So, can you spot the anomaly in each picture? Leave me a message.


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  2. christmas wreath on the summer cabin? The landing gear is down in th winter pic?

  3. Christmas tree lit with no means of electricity to them? Snow skids on the plane in the picture with no snow?
    What? What is it? Inquiring minds want to know!