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Thursday, November 27, 2008

proof in living color.....

A few days ago I was speaking on the phone with a friend who lives in Florida. Eventually she asked me what the temperature was in Moose Pass.

"Oh, it's warm," I answered. "Twenty above."

A long pause, and then, "That's cold."

"No, I said. "Cold is when it's below zero." All things are relative, I suppose. So when teenaged boys in Moose Pass need to burn off excess energy, they do some of the things teenaged boys all over the country do. They play basketball out in the yard. Here are the pictures, also from a few days ago:

Yes, that's a snow bank. Yes, he's wearing a tee shirt. See the bare arms?
No hat, no long sleeves, no gloves. Jeans, tee shirt, sneakers. Temperature? Around 25.
Sorry for the blurred images. The shutter speed on this camera isn't what it could be for nighttime photography.

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