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Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you believe in miracles?

If this isn't a miracle, then I'm not sure if I'd ever recognize one. Ten hours later....

You come up the stairs and don't trip over the vacuum cleaner hose. There is open floor space.

All the books are on shelves, somewhat straightened up. I've run out of shelves, so some have double rows.

This is my window seat. It was hard to see before due to the unfinished projects that were piled in, on, and around it.

Even a clean sheet on the desk blotter, pen and pencil ready. The tea bag ("T is for Trespass") was a Christmas gift from the author Sue Grafton. The bookmark, in an Aboriginal design called Turtle Dreaming, is from Australia.

The "in" basket still over-floweth, but that's another project. That cart next to the desk is a handy item from Costco. It's marketed as a scrapbook cart, and has fifteen drawers for paper and supplies. I've adapted it to my needs: now I have a place to put the various drafts of stories I'm working on, or the chapters of the Alzheimer's book. Perfect.

Ah, floor space.... You can even see the book shelves.
Just in case you haven't figured out why I'm baring my messy loft and my soul, well, the muse has been missing for a few days. I'm trying to entice her to return. We have an assignment for the on-line Mystery Class. This is the big one--we have to solve the mystery, figure out the plan,climax, and ending. I'm at a loss without her.

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  1. Ahhhhh... I see my widnow seat/bed is cleared. I was gettin' nervous!