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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phenomenon quiz...

I never understood the truism that requires an exception to prove a rule.

Somewhere near Alaska's Inside Passage.

If it’s a rule, how can there be an exception?

Flying over Tacoma Narrows.

And how can that exception prove it? .

Creek Street, Ketchikan, AK.

Makes no sense to me at all—not logical or illogical.

Rock climbing wall, crossing Queen Charlotte Sound.

So, perhaps I should call upon the word “phenomenon” to describe what’s in these pictures.

Seattle, Washington, near Pioneer Square.

“Phenomenon” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an unusual…thing.”

Ketchikan, AK.

That one fits.

Downtown Skagway, AK.

In each of these pictures, the same phenomenon is recorded for posterity, otherwise I’d use the plural of the word, which is “phenomena.”

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska.

It is a thing of such rare and unusual occurrence that it has the power to make believers out of nay-sayers, cause strong men to cry, businesses to close, and folks to quit their day jobs.

Mendendall Glacier, near Juneau, AK

Can you discover what it is?

Rhapsody of the Seas at Skagway.

Here’s a hint: Albert Hammond said this phenomenon is the norm in Southern California.

Humpback whales near Juneau.

Need another hint?

Sea lions near Juneau.

Google, my friends. Google.

Vancouver, British Columbia.


  1. You've got me, Gully.

    Dumb as I am regarding the recurring phenomenon, I surely enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  2. Abso-tively! Give that lady a duck! It may never rain in Southern Calaifornia, as Albert Hammond sang, but it ALWAYS rains in Seattle, Vancouver, Ketchikan, JUneau, and (most of the time) in Skagway. Takes an experienced Alaska traveler to spot this oddity.

  3. I never would have gotten it if you hadn't given us the words to Google. Would have gotten it quicker if I had started at the bottom of your post and read/looked backwards!

  4. I wanna duck too, I wanna duck too. It's not fair, it's not fair.

    Oh, I'm sorry. I seem to have had a bit of a fit. I'm better now.

    I don't google so I'm lost here. What words did you put in the google search engine? I couldn't even try cuz I didn't know how to go about it.

    Tell me, hurry up and tell me now, tell me now, hurry up....oops, another tantrum...