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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reunion Jitters

I've been scurrying around all day trying to get ready for a trip to Anchorage to attend my 50th high school graduating class reunion. I'd been undecided about taking the camp trailer and parking it at Sportsmen's Warehouse parking lot, or driving back and forth each of four days.

The thought of that did me in, so today I got the trailer ready. Almost. I discovered my registration plates had expired last year, so I had to make a speed run to Seward to get them renewed.

Mama Moose and her twins were in the same place as Sunday.

When I got home, I got some more stuff ready. Then I checked e-mail and discovered that rather than 1 p.m. tomorrow, I don't have to be there until about 7 p.m., when we will meet someone at the airport. A very special someone.

So, with a reprieve of six hours, I stuffed the kayak into the mini van and headed for Tern Lake. Seems beaver lodges are made for Arctic terns, too.

A couple gals were painting at Tern Lake. Here's a photo of one, with her reflection in the water.

Okay, now I really am behind. Gotta run.

See you Sunday or thereabouts. Sooner if I have time to locate WiFi in Anchorage.



  1. What a sight the moose are! How cool they were available for you to observe and photograph again.

    I love the reflected image of the artist at work as well.

    You've got lots of adventures to share with those you meet up with at your reunion. Don't hold back. Dazzle them, my friend.

  2. Have a great reunion, better take the number of a good bail-bondsman.