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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Five days in Anchorage. Eight days since I'd had any exercise. I was going bonkers.

Last evening I drove the thirty miles to Turnagain Pass and started picking up litter. Then, I got out the camera and spent some quality time with the acres and acres of wildflowers.

Chocolate lily and wild geranium.

Indian paintbrush and geranium. I can never remember what the smaller yellows ones are.

All the dark spots are chocolate lily.

Wild columbine.


Someday I'll finish telling you about my trip to Yakutat and my high school reunion.

Someday....when I'm old and gray...

Oops. Can't use that excuse any more.

1 comment:

  1. Five days in Anchorage...I don't remember you asking me for permission to go there!

    Seriously, I'm curious as to what was up in Anchorage...was it the reunion? ...my brain's not functioning well lately.

    Your wildflower photos are awesome. Chocolate lilies, how unusual!

    I'll be here whenever you get around to telling tales of your reunion, etc.