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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day in the Sun

I haven't had much luck uploading videos to this blog, but let's try this one.  These tides move up to 15 mph, and at more than 30 feet, are some of the largest in the world.  You might want to put a seat belt on your chair before you watch this.

   The resort is at 250 feet above sea level, which is Turnagain Arm, and has 2500 of vertical drop from the highest point of skiable terrain.  Imagine skiing in a place where you have views of more than seven glaciers and the salt water of Turnagain Arm.

If you click on the photo, and then click again to enlarge it to full screen, you will see the buildings  at the top of the tram, various lifts, and some skiers.  Notice the uncrowded slopes.  This is what skiers from around the world rave about. 

  Then, as I worked in my loft this morning, the sun climbed high enough to clear the mountain ridge in the south, through another slot, and the sun blasted into my loft.   Pablo Parrot promptly began stretching his wings and preening.

What that means is that the sun is now starting to hit the area where my septic leach field is, and that old sun has some warmth in it.  Someday, someday, someday that underground line to the leach field will thaw out and I won't have to go out and pump the tank contents up into the leach field.

Like I must do right now....
Sunshine in the loft.

And now I must go outside and play in   pump out the septic tank before it gets dark.  If you want some entertainment, my Zen-ing Out is posed at the Elder Storytelling Place today.  There's a link over there on the right in that list of blogs.

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