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Friday, June 17, 2011

An evening at Tern Lake

Nice sunny evening, little breeze, kayak still loaded in the truck from two nights ago.

What else would I do?

All seemed peaceful when I launched the kayak and paddled the long way around the islands, trying to avoid the idiot sea gulls.  It didn't matter.  They still came after me.

They like to dive in silently and then screech when they're right above your head.

Over in a far corner of the lake, the yellowleg sandpipers were making quite a racket.   Sandpipers sound hysterical even when they're not, but tonight's noise was exceptional.

See the two beaver lodges?

I headed for the far side, paddling within fifteen feet of a nesting loon before I saw her.  She had her head down to lower her profile.  I acted like I hadn't seen her.   Now I have to avoid that part of the lake, too.

I finally reached the far side--skirting the islands where the gulls nest, the islands where the Arctic terns nest, and found what was causing all the distress:

By this time, the beavers had discovered I was in the vicinity:

Yes, two different beavers.

Closer back to the parking area I spotted one of those white flowers that I've been trying to take an in-focus picture of and decided to try again.

Unfortunately, a sea gull took offense.

I stuck around until I got a shot that looked in focus, and then left.

So did the gull.

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