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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff of the Day

Not much to say today so I thought I'd leave you with some images I took with a new camera.  The above photo was taken on the descent from Turnagain Pass towards Turnagain Arm.  This is the area where I've been cleaning up litter recently.  I am two miles from the bottom of the pass at saltwater.

The huge white plants are cow parsnip, or pushki.  The long stems contain a sap that causes skin sensitivity to sunlight and blisters for some people.

In the past week, goatsbeard has bloomed.

Here's a close up of goatsbeard:

And, finally, I have captured the correct color of dwarf fireweed:

A swan at Potter waterfowl sanctuary:

A dandelion gone to seed:

Close up of sweet yarrow blossoms:

The exquisite chocolate lily:

And, my favorite of the day, two common loons sound asleep at Jerome Lake,.  This is an interesting shot because the water of Jerome Lake is absolutely clear.  I had to position myself carefully to avoid the glare of light on the water, and then the water appeared to be green.

Remember, you can click on these photos to enlarge them, then click again for largest magnification.


  1. There's nothing better than experimenting with a new camera!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Have fun with your new camera :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Gully. What kind of camera did you get?

  4. Beautiful pics as usual. What a fantastic place to live (in Summer).

    Cow parsnip,great another plant to worry about causing me to itch....

  5. Is the water (in the sleeping loons pic) really that green or did it turn out that way because of the angle you had to assume because of its transparency? Either way, it makes for an intriguing photo. Loved the sweet yarrow, too.

  6. What is the pretty red flower down behind the goat's beard? Not to mention it's the perfect backdrop to the subject matter--GREAT PIC!