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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Baby

I recently went to a birthday party for Quinn, who turned a year old.  As is the custom in his daddy's family, there was a birthday cake just for Quinn.

The idea of a cake, full of sugar, for her baby was deeply disturbing to Anti-Sugar Mommy.  His only taste of sugar previously had been a wee bit of ice cream.

Quinn was taken outside so Gramma's house would survive the birthday.  He was seated on a cloth on the lawn.

For me?
His cake was set before him and we all watched.

He quickly went for the chocolate peanut butter  cup "wheels,"  which just as quickly disappeared from his hands.

Mmmm...  Mom's been holding out on me.

There was a moment when the sugar hit baby's taste buds for the first time.  Notice the curled toes.

Oh, yeah!
Then he really got into it.


Ah, well.  Now Quinn knows what sugar is.

All right!
Good thing they haven't made me start using a spoon.

Oh, man, is this ever good.
Here, sister, try some of this stuff!

What?  What're you doing with my cake???
You can take away my cake and my shirt, but you forgot about my hands.

Yes, Quinn's mommy was darn near having a heart attack watching her son eating all that sugar, but that didn't stop her from taking pictures.  And she got the best shot of all--Quinn's happy face:

Photo by Quinn's mommy