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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Yosemite Journals, Chapter Eight

My friend Beth at Memoir on the Fly titled one of her recent posts:  Sit Still Long Enough and Maybe Something Wondrous Will Find You.

As she sat still, a black bear came into view just off the porch of the cabin  where they were vacationing in North Carolina.

Nothing so spectacular here, but wondrous things come in all sizes.

One hot afternoon in Yosemite Park, the group drove to Devil's Elbow, a beautiful bend in the Merced River that they favor.  Kathy and Sally waded out neck deep in the clear snow melt water.

Suddenly Kathy said, "There's a butterfly on my nose."  There was indeed but by the time I got the camera turned on, it had moved to her eyebrow.

I'm absolutely sure that Kathy had been holding very still because that water is so cold it paralyzes your muscles and you are unable to move.  Well, actually, it paralyzed this Alaskan.  The Californians thought it a delightful temperature, but I think they've lived with the sun baking their brains for far too long.

Soon the Swallowtail butterfly moved to Sally.  This time the camera was ready.

She walked ashore and the butterfly stayed with her.

As I said, nothing as flamboyant as a black bear at your knees, but when one is receiving wonders, one cannot be choosy.

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  1. I'm just glad Mama bear didn't decide to join us on the porch!

    That butterfly sprouting from Kathy's eyebrow looks like some kind of radical nature jewelry art. And gosh, that river looks like a fabulous place to play.