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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Well done

I didn't intend this shot, but it's hard to catch a running Miles.
Congratulations to Miles Knotek who won the Junior Mt. Marathon race for the second year in a row.  Moose Pass is proud of you, Miles.

This race, up to the half way point of Mt. Marathon, and back to Seward's main street, is the second oldest foot race, and is the premier mountain running race in Alaska.

Entries are limited and places fill almost as soon as entries are opened.

And they're off.  I snapped this shot hoping Miles was somewhere in the front runners.

There he was, biding his time.  He's the shirtless one right under the fire station sign.  In front of him is 15 year old Allison Ostrander, who claimed her fourth consecutive girls' title.

It wasn't a great day for spectators in Seward, but the cooler temps favored the runners.
And here he comes down main street.

Fifty-nine seconds slower than last year, but this year the trail was slippery and treacherous.  The next finisher was 45 seconds behind him.

Miles explaining all this to the press.

Miles congratulating his neighbors and friends, the Berry brothers.

Miles being interviewed by KTUU  CH. 2 TV as a newly-arrived runner takes a seat.

Looking for a hug from family as yet another runner takes an end of the race break.

Nice going, Miles.  Now next year you can strike fear into the men who run the Senior race.  All the way to the top of the mountain and back.


  1. I admire anyone who enjoys running, or exercising as far as that goes. Congrats Miles.

  2. Miles is one tall, skinny, fast fellow. The Seniors should be very afraid. Somebody's gaining on them.