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Friday, February 21, 2014

Circling the Drain

Recently I was introduced to a sublime blog called 66 Square Feet, written (and photographed) by Marie Viljoen.  Short but dynamic posts combined with outstanding photos are her fort√©.  There's a link to it on my sidebar.  I was catching up there this morning when I noticed this quote on her sidebar:

I equate happiness with contentment, and contentment with complacency, and complacency with impending disaster.

Hugh Laurie to Gavin Edwards, The New York Times

Yes, there is that complacency thing.  Although I was in a bit of a tizzy last month preparing for my trip to Africa, I was happy and content and complacent.  I didn't even get too frustrated when I realized my dishwasher had quit.   Again.  Seems like just yesterday I'd had the motor replaced.

I was also slow to pick up on the clues--like one of Pablo's seed cups melting into a light blue figure eight, and the detergent cup not emptying completely.  Several times.  Something was wrong.

Forget it.   Deal with it after Africa.   No, make that after I return from Halibut Cove where I'll be house-sitting for a month.

Halibut Cove

I returned home to find the dishwasher's closest companion, the huge side by side refrigerator, had joined the disabled list.  Now I have two expensive repairs.   After Halibut Cove.

I see any thoughts of my next journey circling the drain.

Drain.   Well, at least that remains unfrozen, thanks to an electric thaw cable and a $173.00 electric bill.


  1. Enjoy your after-vacation respite. You'll hopefully have several weeks to document your Africa trip to your heart's content.

  2. I was amazed when Patti said that NO one person or service company will service your appliances in Moose Pass! What on earth do the people who live with me in Manley Hot Springs do? I will have to ask-around. Keep-The-Faith in Halibut Cove. Why-Oh-Why can't I figure out how to pay Google with a new credit card. Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

  3. don't go getting cocky about the thawed drain.... !