"I'm going to speak my mind because I have nothing to lose."--S.I. Hayakawa

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Please explain this to me:

In 27 days, I went half-way around the world, from the northern Northern Hemisphere to the southern Southern Hemisphere, and back again.

I was in three US states plus the District of Columbia.

I was in six African countries--Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia.  I went through passport control and customs so many times, they're a blur.

I stayed in nine different hotels/lodges, ranging from one day to several.

I was on so many coach/safari rides, I've lost count.  I drove 200 miles myself getting to and from the airport in Anchorage.

Despite all that, the only thing I lost/forgot/misplaced was a tiny bottle of mouth wash. I even came home with the same two pens I started with.

BUT, this morning, I walked less than 15 feet from my bedroom to my kitchen and my reading glasses disappeared. I still haven't found them.


  1. Umm...did you check on top of your head?

    1. Yes. I did. I did not, however, check Pablo's cage as he is still to angry with me to get that close.

    2. Sorry. No reading glasses. It should be "...too angry..."

  2. My mom had a saying for every occasion....for this one she would say "it's a good thing your head's screwed on"......but you won't know that because you've lost your glasses and can't read this. ;)

    1. So far, this baboon photo is my favorite from Africa. It has multiple uses.

  3. AT THE MINIMUM I feel that I spend from one (1) to as many as two (2) hours-per-day looking for things that I 'just-set-down'. It is absolutely and it is positively AMAZING. Right now my dental-night-mouthguard is missing and it has-been-missing for a day now. To protect myself from myself I have four (4 count them) of them. When I am in India and Hong Kong and environs this does not seem to happen as often as it does here at 'home'. There are of course some exceptions! One hour before a train was due to depart I lost my train tickets and my passport for fifteen agonizing minutes in my hotel room in Agra Cant India last March 2013.

    Smiles from Cap and Patti ..